“We have been waiting a long time for news from you. After all, we are interested in everything.”

Dr. Marie Jonas to Fanny David

Dr. Marie Jonas to Fanny David front side

Dr. Marie Jonas

was a doctor and lived for many years with her family in Hamburg-Eppendorf. After the National Socialists seized power she was no longer able to practice her profession. She therefore worked as a nurse and taught at the Israelitischen Töchterschuler where her husband Alberto Jonas was the school director. The couple had a daughter, Esther.

On 19 July 1942, the family was deported by the Hamburg Gestapo from the Hannoverscher Bahnhof to the Theresienstadt Ghetto. Alberto Jonas died only a few weeks after arrival as a result of forced labour. In autumn 1944, the SS deported Marie Jonas to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where she died.

20-year old Esther Jonas was also sent to Auschwitz Birkenau. She was then made to do difficult work in further concentration camps. She was liberated in Mauthausen concentration camp. After a short return to Hamburg she emigrated to the USA. She lived there until her death in 2016.

Dr. Marie Jonas to Fanny David reverse side

Postcard transcription:


Dr. Marie Jonas
Q 313

Miss Fanny David
Hamburg 13
Beneckestr. 2

Dear Fanny,

Recently I received several greetings from you. Thank you very much. My daughter and I are  doing well. We both work and are happy. I work as a doctor and Esther is in a law firm. We live together in Q 313 and we have been waiting a long time for news from you. After all, we are interested in everything. Look after yourself and we hope to hear from you directly very soon. I remain with best regards 

Your Dr. Marie Jonas

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