“I read from your books every day. It is the one way I have to remember you.”

Hilde Beer to Rolf Ascher

Hilde Beer to Rolf Ascher front side

This postcard from Hilde Beer

from the Litzmannstadt Ghetto is one of the few signs of her life that have been preserved. The card was intended for a friend in Hamburg. However, it was never sent from the ghetto and was only discovered in 2019 in an archive in Łódź.

The identity of Hilde Beer has not been clarified to this day. In 1941 a Family named Beer was deported from the Hannoverscher Bahnhof in Hamburg to Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Among others, responsible for deportation were Hamburg police officers.

Hilde Beer was living in the same house with the Beer family in the ghetto. This is indicated by the address given on the postcard. We cannot say with certainty if she belonged to this family from Hamburg. Her further fate is also unknown. What is certain is that she had close connections to Hamburg. The postcard was addressed to Rolf Ascher. He was deported to the Minsk Ghetto a few weeks after the Beer family were deported and was later murdered there. He He became 19 years old.

Hilde Beer to Rolf Ascher reverse side

Postcard transcription:


Hilde Beer
Hausiererstr. 1, Apartment 1 a

Mr. Rolf Ascher
Bei der Friedenseiche 1 III

Dear Rolf!

Only now have I found the time to write you a few lines. I am in good health, thank goodness, and I hope you are too. What are your parents doing? Are you still working there? I hope that you will get this card soon. Have you already had the film developed? Would you be able to send me the pictures immediately, since I have no photograph either of you or of me. Did you give Gertrud a picture of me? I read from your books every day. It is the one way I have to remember you. It is already fairly cold here. Have you already been to Sophie’s? You can also write to Moritz. The address is:

Moritz Beer
Jewish working camp 13, Posen
an den Bleichen […]

I hope to hear from you soon, and give you my best regards,
Your Hilde

Please give my regards to your parents for me.
Thank you for the trousers, I wear them every day and they are lovely and warm.
My parents and siblings also send their regards.
I visit Aunt Anne regularly.

Litzmannstadt d. 5/12 41.

*For the benefit of readability, amendments were made in transcription

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