“I found out from Mrs Feldstein that you had gone to Minsk.”

Susanne Zirker to Eva Buchard

Susanne Zirker to Eva Buchard front side

Susanne Zirker

was 26 years old when she was deported to the Litzmannstadt Ghetto in 1941, together with her mother Lilly and her sister Eva. The family had previously lived in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. Further information about their life in Hamburg is largely unknown to this day. From Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Susanne Zirker tried to contact relatives and friends in Hamburg by postcards. Among them was Eva Buchhardt, who had already been deported to the Minsk Ghetto in November 1941. Susanne learned about this from a roommate in the ghetto who knew the Buchhardt family. The friends were unable to make contact. Mail was strictly forbidden in the Minsk ghetto. Eva Burchardt was later murdered in Minsk. Susanne Zirker, her sister and mother also did not survive. The circumstances of their deaths are unknown.

Susanne Zirker to Eva Buchard back side

Postcard transcription:


Susanne Zirker
Alexanderhofstr. 31 Z. 19

Miss Eva Buchardt
From Hamburg
Minsk Getto

Dear Eva,

I found out from Mrs Feldstein that you had gone to Minsk. I hope that you are healthy. We are doing very well, we have already gotten used to life here. We live with Mrs. Feldstein and Walzer and their sons, and we don’t get along very well. We cook for ourselves every day. I must say that despite our mindlessness, as you called it, we packed much more carefully and completely than you did for your friend, who hardly took any warm socks! We’ve had very cold days here, and Hamburg mud again. On 21.11! Hans Hirsch was still in Hamburg. I would have liked to know whether he has landed with you in the meantime. Please greet him from me and give him my address. The days go by so quickly, even though we are not working yet. Write and I hope you a. your parents keep well. Many warm greetings from my mother, Eva a. your Susi

*For the benefit of readability, amendments were made in transcription

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